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Ketta Barrett, F.C.C.I. Federally Certified Court Interpreter

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The mission of Certified Interpreting & Translating, LLC is to eliminate language barriers and ensure effective communication that builds trust for your brand.

As a federally and state certified interpreter and principal at Certified Interpreting & Translating LLC, Ketta Barrett provides reliable and accurate language interpretation and translation services for legal and other specialized fields.

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  • Federally Certified Court Interpreter, U.S. 2009
    * This is the highest accreditation attainable by a court interpreter

  • Licensed in the State of Texas, U.S. 2006

  • Licensed in the State of New Mexico, U.S. 2005

  • Certified Interpreter & Translator, English-Spanish, Berlitz, Mexico, 1981

  • Certified as Teacher of English as a Second Language, UNAM, Mexico, 1981

  • Certified as Teacher of English as a Second Language, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, 1981

Services Offered

Federal Courts:
Federally certified expert and professional interpreter with a deep understanding of the legal process enables all parties to fully participate in court proceedings through accurate interpretation during depositions, trials, and hearings.

State, Magistrate, and Municipal Courts:
Credentialed and judicious interpretation in criminal or civil cases, arraignments, and related legal matters heard in state, magistrate, and municipal courts.

Confidential and accurate interpretation services during client meetings, consultations, court appearances, and other legal interactions ensure seamless communication with non-English speaking clients.

Legal Counselors & Community Advocates:
Authentic and culturally aware interpretation restores the voice of disadvantaged clients through effective communication administered by legal counselors and community advocates that conveys their rights and access to justice.

Tele-Interpreting Services:
Real-time interpretation on video and audio conferencing platforms ideal for holding meetings or conferences.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops & Training:
On-target, relevant interpretation services that fully engage participants in content delivered during large-scale or small-group conferences, seminars, workshops, and training sessions.

Translations & Transcriptions:
Reliable and rigorous translation and transcription services assure the integrity and meaning of the original content of legal documents, contracts, and audio recordings in need of translation or transcription.

Notable Sites

U.S. Department of JUSTICE

U.S. Sentencing Commision

TX Courts . gov

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